Who's Listening?

If you have access to the internet, you can listen to KC Cares anytime, anywhere. KC Cares is streamed live from our broadcast partner's website (www.1510.com). Podcasts of every episode are available for downloading from the iTunes Store.

According to the statistics compiled by our podcast host, as of August 2015 there had been nearly 4000 downloads of KC Cares podcasts. What's really surprising though is where people are listening.

The KC Cares podcast has been downloaded in 41 US States and also the District of Columbia. Take a look at our top US markets chart.

Sure, Kansas City accounts for about 50% of our US downloads, but nearly half are scattered around the country. There have been nearly 400 downloads in the San Francisco Bay area, and another 350 in Los Angeles.

And that's just the listeners in the United States! Nearly 10% of KC Cares podcast downloads have been downloaded in other countries!

KC Cares has found listeners in China, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, The Philippines, The Netherlands, Canada, Nigeria, Belgium, Vietnam, Kenya, India, The United Kingdom, Japan and 13 other countries. 

Why . . . we may never know. But one thing is clear -- from sea to shining sea and all around the globe people know that KC Cares.