Services FAQ

Q. Why don't you offer your services for free?
A. We understand that every nonprofit wants pro bono creative services, and we can sometimes offer them. But most of the work we do is on a fee-for-service basis because we pay the professionals that create our projects. Paying our creative professionals means that we don't have to call in favors whenever there's a project to be done.

We are able to offer our services at less than market rates because we've negotiated lower rates from our creative professionals, because we keep our overhead low, and because we fundraise to offset expenses instead of passing them along to you.

Q. Why should I hire KC Creative when I have volunteers or friends who will do it for nothing?
A. If you have professionally skilled people who will help you tell your story with integrity and excellence, then you are blessed. Don't hesitate. But, ask yourself some questions:

     • Do you need marketing strategy consultation, or just someone to create collateral materials?
     • Are your volunteers professionals, or well-meaning hobbyists?
     • Have you seen samples of their work? Is it what you're looking for?
     • Can you say "no" to or critique their work without causing relationship problems?
     • Will they be there for you in the future when your project needs updating?

Q. We sometimes get pro bono work from an agency - why should we hire KC Creative?
A. If you're getting everything you need from an agency, then you don't need us. But if an agency can't meet all your communications needs - or if they're only providing a limited number of hours or projects -  something is bound to slip through the cracks. You might want to contact us. Here are some things that agencies might not do, but we will:

     • Newsletters
     • Letterhead design
     • Logo design
     • Creative and strategic consultation
     • Nonprofit networking 

Q. Shouldn't our funds go toward programs and not toward marketing?
A. Marketing is not a four-letter word. It's a tool to help you tell your story - one of many tools in your nonprofit toolbox. If you want to increase awareness, volunteers and donations so that you can continue to serve your constituents with your programs, then marketing is an essential tool to have. It's not a fix-all, but if you use it together with your experience and contacts, an investment in marketing will benefit your organization for the long term.

Do you have a question we haven't covered? Ask a question.