Board of Directors

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
Even as we look forward to a bright future, we acknowledge that future rests upon a foundation built by others. In this small way we want to honor the visionary Directors of our Founding Board. Thank you for your service.

  • Linda Mordan, Chair

    President, Mordan Studios
    Linda is an accomplished Product Development Director and Creative Director who inspires artists and team members to achieve their best. Linda is extremely well-versed in the entire life-cycle process of creating new products with strong identities. A believer in the ability of consumer goods to serve a greater good, to nurture and heal relationships as well as the ability to better the world around us; Linda is passionate about creating products and experiences that connect consumers, as well as useful products that serve to beautify and enrich the lives of others.
  • Julia Harvala, Vice-Chair

    SVP Market Lead, Hawthorn Bank
    For more than two decades, Julia has built long-term relationships with Kansas City metro business owners who want quick decisions and valuable advice that will save them time, money and/or sleep. The desire to continue to provide clients with timely solutions to their financial challenges is what drew Julia to join the Hawthorn Bank team. Hawthorn's community focus enables her to devote more personal attention to customers, while still having the resources of a $1.2 billion bank. Supported by an experienced and highly motivated leadership team, Julia is able to focus on the business she loves most: helping sound, local businesses succeed!
  • Dawn Mundy, Secretary

    Copywriter / Creative Director, Freelance
    It's a good thing Dawn loves words. She's gotten to write things like PR articles for national food and lifestyle brands; product descriptions, giftware sentiments, ads, and a children's book for a gift & home decor company; fundraising letters, brochures, campaigns, and videos for nonprofits; theatrical sketches, performance pieces and videos for church and parachurch groups; magazine articles for medical trade journals; videos and marketing copy for a publishing house...yep - it's a good thing she loves words.
  • William J. Brandmeyer, Member

    Co-Owner, Brandmeyer Enterprises
    During 10 years working with his family to build Medi-Flex Hospital Products into a industry leading manufacturer of medical products, Bill devoted much of his energy toward marketing the ChloraPprep antiseptic product line. The sale of the company in 2008 enabled Bill to pursue other talents and passions including becoming a restauranteur and concert promoter.

    Since 2012 Bill and Rick Mundy have hosted KC Creative's weekly radio program, KC Cares on ESPN 1510 AM.
  • Dale Knoop, Member

    Chief Executive Officer, RAZ Mobile
  • Richard Mundy, Member

    Founder & Executive Director, Kansas City Creative, Inc.
    When you meet with Rick Mundy, he brings thirty five years of diverse professional experience in the creative, nonprofit and corporate arenas to the table. Rick has worked as an artist in professional theatre, feature films, graphic design, music, and as a writer.

    As a scholar, Rick has advanced degrees in Theatre Arts, Film Studies and Communication.

    In the nonprofit world, Rick has served as a volunteer, teacher, team leader, board member, and staff with a variety of organizations including WorldVision, YoungLife and Heartland Community Church.

    As an entrepreneur, Rick founded Wordsmiths, LLC which provided marketing copy to clients including Demdaco and Medi-Flex Medical Products. In 2007, Rick brought his years of professional experience together with his passion for serving the underserved into founding a truly innovative nonprofit organization; Kansas City Creative.